Data Platform and Tools

Bugs for Telemetry Components

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Add-on Recommender

Tools for recommending relevant add-ons based on Telemetry data

Datasets: Addons

Bugs specific to the addons dataset

Datasets: Client Count

Bugs specific to the client count dataset

Datasets: Error Aggregates

Bugs specific to the error_aggregates dataset

Datasets: Events

Bugs specific to the events dataset

Datasets: Experiments

Bugs specific to the datasets used for in-browser experiments (Telemetry Experiments, Test Pilot, SHIELD)

Datasets: General

Incoming dataset bugs and requests. File requests for new datasets here.

Datasets: Longitudinal

Bugs specific to the various longitudinal datasets

Datasets: Main Summary

Bugs specific to the main summary dataset

Datasets: Mobile

Bugs specific to the mobile dataset

Datasets: Telemetry Aggregates

Bugs specific to the crash aggregates dataset

Distribution Viewer

Bugs against the distribution viewer

Documentation and Knowledge Repo (RTMO)

Documentation requests and issues against the knowledge repo (


Bugs which do not fit into other more specific Data Platform and Tools components

Monitoring & Alerting

Requests for new monitors and alerts, as well as issues affecting existing ones


Bugs and issues associated with Data Operations

Pipeline Ingestion

Issues against nginx, Kafka, S3, data warehouse loader, Hindsight, Heka


Bugs against our use of Presto

Redash (STMO)

Issues with the Mozilla deployment of Redash (


Issues with our use of Airflow


Issues with our use of Spark

Telemetry Aggregation Service

Issues related to the main dashboards or aggregator. This component is not for filing bugs against other tools at various sub-domains of

Telemetry Analysis Service (ATMO)

Issues with the Telemetry Analysis Service (

Telemetry APIs for Analysis

Bugs relating to the telemetry APIs

Telemetry Dashboards (TMO)

Web frontends for Telemetry data that are hosted on